Gorgeous SUV

Gorgeous SUV

Oct 17

suvThat Toyota FJ Cruiser is an absolute beaut! Just when you thought SUV’s were wimpy soccer mom type vehicles, in comes this gorgeous piece of automotive technology. It’s sexy, and masculine, with a little bit of preppiness and a lot of style.

A look inside the FJ Cruiser reveals features and design elements that are geared towards off road functionality. All of the surfaces in the interior are made of washable rubber materials which facilitates quick clean ups after outdoor use. It also has oversized controls to help those drivers who like to wear gloves. The dash features a 3 gauge cluster (that measures directionality, temperature, and pitch angle as well as a 110 volt rear outlet.

The FJ Cruiser also sports side curtain airbags for both rows and optional side torso airbags. It has even been given the Top Safety Pick award by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The FJ Cruiser got a “Good” overall rating in front and side impacts tests and also received the “Good” rating in all categories.

It’s got a short wheelbase, butch frame, and that awesome grille-headlight layout that is so much like the Toyota FJ40. Other homage design elements are its practically vertical windshield with 3 wipers. It also proudly has the “Toyota” name sprawled spelled out across its grille – another throwback allusion to the older Toyota trucks. It also has rear opening access doors that are just so cool.

It’s low carriage usually has owners itching to modify (http://maxtracsuspension.com/product/1517/) its carriage a bit with the use of some lift spindles to add even more styling to the already handsome vehicle. And that’s another thing that’s so awesome about it. Even when it’s been raised and lifted and fitted with badass tires, it retains a certain sophistication, a certain finesse, despite the added roughness and toughness, which prevents it from being totally gruff and scary.

So many folks absolutely love the old school stylishness of the FJ40 combined so flawlessly with practicality and excellent off-road performance. It probably won’t ever go out of style. No wonder this model sold so well over the years.

What Type of Glass Makes the Most Heat Retentive Windows?

What Type of Glass Makes the Most Heat Retentive Windows?

Aug 16

As many of you know, 25% of heat escapes your home through your windows. This results in higher energy waste which means higher bills for you. With increasing environmental awareness, more focus is also being placed into energy conservation. An efficient way to do this is by incorporating heat retentive windows in your home. Energy-efficient glass can well be worth the price, if you know exactly what you are shopping for.

Types of Glass

Float Glass-The process of making this glass allows it to solidify on a bath of molten metal, allowing for extremely flat surfaces on both sides. This is commonly referred to as the Pilkington process. It is produced in large sheets and is used on most contemporary industrial and residential buildings, as well as most glass products because of its thickness.

Annealed Glass-Refers to the process of heating and cooling the glass in a controlled manner. This type of glass tends to break into large, jagged shards, and is rarely used in buildings. It is more often the starting material to produce more refined products.

Heat Strengthened Glass- This glass is only twice as strong as annealed glass and is prone to shattering into smaller, but sharp pieces. Toughened glass is used in automobile windshields and windows, glass countertops and furniture, sliding doors etc.

Fully Tempered Glass- This type of glass is four times as strong as annealed glass, after it has been fully treated. This is considered a type of safety glass because it tends to break into smaller, granular pieces. It is used in frames where it can be broken out in case of an emergency, and in the side windows of cars, in case of an accident.

Heat Soaked Tempered Glass-This glass has a greater resistance to breakage. This glass is used where spontaneous breakage could occur. Even if it were to break, the pieces are relatively harmless and unlikely to cause injury.

Laminated Glass- This type of glass has a PVP inter-layer. It is used for safety and security. This type of glass holds together when shattered, preventing injury from broken glass.

Wire Glass- This glass has an inlaid layer of wire mesh to hold the glass together in case of high temperatures-e.g. fires. Contrary to popular belief, this is not safety glass and is actually less strong than annealed glass.

Insulated Glass Unit-These are layers of glass, typically two, separated by a spacer such as air or an inert gas. This glass is typically used for thermal insulation, noise reduction and structural strength.

Low Emissivity Glass- This reflects infrared portions of light, letting light in but reflecting the sun’s heat rays out. In winter, it reflects heat back into the space.

After learning all about the different types of glass, you should be able to make an informed decision on the best glass for windows to help keep heat in. Some other tips for a warm home and low energy bill are: Be sure to open the curtains or blinds on windows that have sunlight coming in to warm your home, but shut the ones that do not get direct sunlight. Close doors and windows properly, and make sure there are no drafts. Set your thermostat back a little, and dress warmer. Turn down the thermostat when you are sleeping or when you leave your home. Keep in mind to that furnace filters need to be replaced monthly, and you can find the necessary ones at AirFilterBuy. Avoid using air filters designed for supply vents, and make sure that there are no airflow obstructions.

Dressing Up Fashionably for Summer

Dressing Up Fashionably for Summer

Apr 25

Dressing Up Fashionably for SummerWomen consider summer as one of the best seasons for dressing up. The variety of clothing styles and designs is wide ranging which gives shoppers a lot of options to choose from. Beach wear is up on the list of must-haves for this time of the year.  It is a staple for those who are planning to take a cruise to a tropical island and for families who are simply going on an out of town trip.

The style of clothing that is suitable for the beach usually involves simple and free-flowing designs. Summer collections are usually made up of garments that are vibrant and made up of various color combinations. The materials used often of lightweight and wrinkle-free fabric that can be easily washed and folded. Most pieces,like dresses and shirts are appropriate both for the beach and other summer activities.

The important thing to remember when choosing clothing for the season is to select pieces that fits you really well. Do not go for trendy items because they could be hot one season and out of style the next. Make smart choices and don’t sacrifice comfort for style because if a dress or an outfit feels uncomfortable, it will show. Some of the classic summer styles that you can consider include:

• Sundress: This is one of the most popular pieces of clothing made for summer. They are usually made in a variety of colors to suit every woman’s mood and in fabrics that are comfortable to wear in fair weather. The dresses come in different lengths – from miniskirts, to knee length versions and maxidresses that extend all the way to the floor.

• Sarong: A summer style that is inspired by the customary Asian wrap, this design is often used as a beach cover up over swimwear. These wraps are made with light fabrics and are available in floral, animal-inspired, or tie-dyed prints.

• Caftan: A garment that fits loosely on the body and comes with comfortable sleeves, the caftan is one of the most versatile clothing items that exist. It is often used as lounge apparel because the style is comfortable and flattering for any body type but it can be used as a summer dress, a sleep wear or a cover up for the beach. Caftans are fun to use because you can easily glam them up for a party outfit with the right kind of accessories.

Other summer staples that will help you look prepared and stylish for the season include halter-style shirts, camisole tops, tank dresses and linen wear. And the great thing about shopping for summer clothes is that you can easily do it  online. You have the benefit of checking out all the styles at your leisure and compare the ones you like before finalizing your order.

Shop Karma Delray Beach for the most fashionable and fun pieces that you can find. They offer a wide variety of chic clothes and accessories to complement your wardrobe. Karma is one of the best online boutique that’s out there and they offer extra service like maintaining a style guide or offering personal styling to help women choose outfits that will match their body type. And because you are not pressed for time when you shop, you have better chances of buying clothes are perfect for you.

The Benefits of Car Window Tinting

The Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Jul 05

Spending money to own a car doesn’t end with its payments. You still have to allot a specific amount for its maintenance and repairs. If you are given a choice, you may want to customize your vehicle to make it more unique and different from the thousands of vehicles produced for the same model every year. For example, you might like your vehicle to stand out from the queue of vehicles in the best parking in nyc. However, having your car customized can be really pricey so make sure you have allotted a big budget.

For a more affordable redecorating style, you can always start with window tinting. It is the most common procedure of redecorating a vehicle. Almost all car owners would be willing to spend money to have their car windows tinted due to its beneficial effects. Aside from its additional decorative component, car window tinting can protect passengers from harmful UV rays because it blocks up to 99% of the sun’s heat rays. It can also minimize the temperature for the entire vehicle which can prevent you from the excessive use of the air conditioner. Auto window tinting prices are 15% percent more expensive than a car window itself, but its benefits can help you save up to 50% of energy usage.

Another element that is provided by tinting your car windows is security. The film which is applied prevents the glass from shattering due to an impact. This is very important because it can protect individuals from serious injuries that can be caused by broken shards of glasses from accidents. Tinted windows also offer privacy, and additionally, can also prevent possible incidents of theft because the contents of your car cannot be easily seen.

There are a lot of things you need to consider in choosing a tint for your car window. Remember, there are countries or states that don’t allow heavy shades of tint as it might endanger motorists especially at night. So, make sure

that you know the applicable laws in your area before adding tint to your car window.

If you have purchased the 2011 hyundai santa fe, or the Toyota New Orleans or one of the newer car models, it is wise to consider having your window tinted. It will make your vehicle look more stylish, elegant and sophisticated while at the same time ensuring that you are safe.


The Art of Stained Glass Design

The Art of Stained Glass Design

Feb 29

stained glassThe beautiful and colorful design of stained glass windows have always left people in awe and wonder. Stained glass is commonly used in windows of churches and cathedrals. It shows various narratives from the Bible and may represent the saints and patrons. Nevertheless, stained glass art can be used in so many things other than windows. Jewelry boxes, necklaces, lamps, three-dimensional structures and sculptures, tables, mirror frames, wind chimes and so many others. Artists have to tap into their creativity and imagination to create these attractive and vibrant works of art.

The art of stained glass goes back to Ancient Rome. Both the ancient Egyptians and Romans worked with glass and produced beautiful stained glass art. During the Roman Empire, stunning designs were created by inserting colored pieces of glass in frames and producing stained glass windows.

Stained glass gets its color by adding metallic salts during the production of the glass. The colored glass is crafted into stained glass designs by arranging small pieces of glass to form the patterns and images. The pieces of glass are typically held together by lead strips and a rigid frame is used to give it support. The stained glass design is often enhanced by painted details and staining effects. Chemical colors can also be swept over the surface after its forging; it is then heated in a kiln to join the colors. More colors can be achieved through additives for instance copper oxide produces green colors and cobalt results to blue. The color red was formerly reached by adding gold to the glass, although in modern times other less expensive chemicals have been discovered giving the same results.

Today, stained glass works of art are displayed in various museums and art galleries. One can truly appreciate the beauty and color of the different styles of stained glass design.